Just like his human counterparts, Lego-man too, contemplates life while looking through a window.

Shot on Rx100 camera.

Sony RX100 Sharp, Focus Testing Shots

Sony RX100 Sharp, Focus Testing Shots

I was at my desk with┬ámy RX100 in front of me. As the camera is still new to me, I thought I’d do some sharpness and focusing testing using various objects laying around.

All the images I shot in JPEG format and at 10 mega-pixels- using the camera’s default JPEG image setting.


The auto focus is good but I use the DMF focus setting (direct manual focus). This allows the camera to auto focus for me but allows me to turn a dial to manually adjust focus and bring it to where I exactly want it.


The RX100 can take very sharp photos- as long as the focus is where you want it to be.


All that beautiful golden colour you see is actually a reflection of a lemon on my windowsill.


Shooting up close requires a steady hand- Any wobble leaning forward and backwards as I breath keeps bringing the focus in and out of where I’d want it to be. Timing is everything in photography.



Mountain Biking – Gran Canaria

Mountain Biking – Gran Canaria

From my Gran Canaria trip- I hired a mountain bike for a day which included a shuttle ride up to the highest peak on the island (2km). From there I cycled downhill all the way back to the coastline to the city of Las Palmas where I was staying.

I shot the days pictures on the Sony RX100m2. Brilliant portable camera which was in my shorts pocket the whole time. Below picture is at the highest peak on Gran Canaria and from where I started my downhill cycle. Great time and fun memories.

Mount Tenerife (1 of 1)

Notice the island of Tenerife floating in the background? Pretty cool. I had the camera on it widest opening to capture most of the landscape- which it done pretty well.